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Awareness Coaching

Relationships/Family/Communication/Conflict Resolution


Collective Production/Community Building

Awareness Coaching is a Gestalt based non-judgemental, experimental and experiential work.

Awareness Coaching helps someone to understand behavioral patterns in relationship with oneself, with others and with the environment. During this work,  Coach and Coachee focus on emotions, thoughts, behaviours and body. To increase Coachee’s awareness, Coach listens deeply to Coachee and ownself and shares what he/she realizes about ownself and relationship between Coach and Coachee . Coach supports and encourages Coachee to energize.

The main intention of Awareness Coaching is to create awareness  on own resources which will be used for personal development and growth. 

In addition to individual works, Awareness Coaching supports artists from different disciplines for their own creativity, performance and collective production processes. 

What does Awareness Coaching Provide?

  • Becoming aware of the real need

  • Finding new opportunities and making new choices

  • Becoming aware of patterns which were valid in the past but not anymore 

  • Transition from immobility to experience

  • Being aware of self potential and revealing it

  • Finding proper ways of stress reduction and stress management

  • Living one's own life

  • Self-support

  • Self coaching in difficult situations 

  • Supporting individuals to contact with their own creativity

  • Becoming aware of relationships and improving communication skills

  • Improve communication in communities by opening space to let members hear themselves and others

  • Supporting communities on the way of being community

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